Obstetrics focuses on the health of the expectant woman, the developing child, labor and delivery, and the hours and days after delivery. In order to ensure that labor and delivery go smoothly and that, should intervention be required, it is carried out swiftly and safely, the obstetrician makes sure that mother and child receive the best prenatal care.  At Neonest Hospital, our obstetricians closely collaborate with pediatricians and neonatologists to handle neonatal care and lower the risk of infant mortality and illness.  Obstetricians are in charge of collaborating with midwives to observe and support a woman’s normal delivery during labor. While the infant is still in the womb, they can also diagnose congenital abnormalities, which includes looking for Down’s syndrome using methods like chorionic villus sampling and ultrasound. Obstetrics is a branch of medicine that has transformed the experience of being pregnant and giving birth.